Being a baker means a majority of my time is spent looking at pictures of food and cake, which is great but always seems to make me eat.. a lot..

This does mean though that over time I’ve gotten to know some of the best and most creative cake/baking instagram accounts that always give me the best ideas and inspiration, so here’s my top 5.

1. Maitre Choux

The best and most beautiful eclairs you’ll ever see.

Based in London, Maitre Choux create eclairs with beautiful colours, flavours and designs. Stunning attention to detail and it always gives me so much inspiration for flavour combinations. I have had the pleasure of visiting their shop in London and they taste even better than they look, would definitely recommend if you’re in the area.

2. Fondant Fox

Based in London again, Fondant Fox creates amazing cakes.

She collaborates with The Meringue Girls, who also have a great instagram page, to add beautiful meringues, edible flowers and macarons to her stunning cakes. Full of colour and style, I would definitely love one of her cakes at an party or event.

3. Jenna Rae Cakes

Based in Canada Jenna Rae Cakes do everything from cakes to macarons.

Everything is very elegant and decorated to perfection, with new pictures and designs daily their instagram is full of beautiful pictures. They mostly do cakes, cupcakes and the most stunning macarons in their shop in Canada. Always adding new flavours and new designs it’s a great page to get some inspiration for cake designs or macaron flavours.

4. Baking Bandits

Based in Alabama, Baking Bandits are more pastry based and make amazing pastries and cakes.

Very much pastry based they do gorgeous looking croissants, pastries and tarts, plus amazing looking cakes and cupcakes. She uses a lot of biscuits and pastries to go with her cupcakes and one of the first pictures I saw was the cookie cupcakes, which I thought were amazing and I loved! I also got a lot of inspiration from the chocolate cake design on the picture I’ve used below, loved the colour and it made a plain chocolate cake into a stunning colourful cake.

5. Melly Eats World

Based in Canada Melly Eats World does the cutest, most creative macarons.

I first saw her macarons and could not get over how cute and perfect they were, I really would love to be able to make macarons as good as these one day! She does so many different animals, unicorns, cacti literally anything you can think of! Full of colour and creativity, this page is amazing.