We went to Brighton for the first time last October and absolutely loved it. The food, the shops, the sea, it was all beautiful.

So seen as though we’re having such a gorgeous summer, and Brighton is the perfect place to visit, I’d thought I would do a guide to Brighton’s finest cakes and cocktails (because that’s all that matters right?!).

Boho Gelato

First off, ice cream! Obviously when you’re going on a holiday ice cream is key, so Boho Gelato is the perfect ice cream stop.
They make their own artisan gelato and sorbets on site and switch their flavour range each day. With up to 26 different types of ice cream varying each day this is definitely the number one place to go if you want a icey treat.


Next I’ve thrown in a breakfast favourite, Redroaster¬†also open for dinner and becomes Pike & Pine, but their brunch is to die for. Mixing unusual flavours together, and lots of avocado, it’s the perfect breakfast out option. It also has the most amazing interior, with lots of beautiful greenery plus they do awesome coffee which smells incredible as you walk in.

Dum Dum Doughnuts

This is by far my favourite, THE BEST doughnuts I’ve ever had. They do so many weird and wonderful combinations, but definitely go for the zebra doughnut or one of their cronuts, it’s a cross between a croissant and a doughnut and is the most amazing combination! If you only go to one of the places, this is the one!

The Seven Stars

Now we’re moving on to cocktails, The Seven Stars is a beautiful, relaxed pub with awesome decor and a huge variety of local ales and beers. The cocktails are also awesome, I had a champagne one and it was amazing. This place is super chilled and perfect if you want a relaxed evening out somewhere.


Last but not least is Bohemia, the coolest place for cocktails in Brighton. They have so many to suit anyones taste, some of them even use dry ice which is awesome! They use some many cool ingredients and make them infront of you, and I love watching them make them because I think it’s so cool. This place is a definite must for the most gorgeous cocktails!